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Main Ingredients: 




4 Main Benefits of Tremella Enzyme DX:
– Slimming
– Cleanse & Detox
– Beautiful Skin
– Healthcare

Tremella Enzyme DX Product Information:
– Formulated in Japan
– 16 sachets per box
– Natural ingredients. No additives/ harmful chemicals/ colourings
– 40-in-1 Beauty & Health Benefits

Quality Assured:
– 2016, 2017 Asia Pacific Super Health Brand
– Product Certification: KMM, HALAL, SGS
– Manufacturing Certification: GMP, HACCP, HALAL
– Great Eastern RM 1 Million Dollar Insurance Coverage


Features of Tremella:

1) Reduce fat that's is stored in body 

2) Helps maintain heaths

3) Suitable for weight loss treatment

4) Act as a natural detox remedy

5) Decongests the lymphatic system

6) Enhance digestion and minimizes indigestion

7) Reduce water retention


9 Benefits of Tremella:

1) Tremella can be laxative gum containing more 

2) Tremella dietary fiber can help the stomach and intestines

3) Tremella rich natural vegetable gum

4) Can enhance liver detoxification capacity

5) Rich in vitamin D

6) Tremella can also enhance radiotherapy of cancer patients

7) Tremella can enhance the body's immunity to tumor

8) Lungs cough Tremella is an ancient treatment of tuberculosis (TB) cough

9) Tremella active ingredient in an acidic polysaccharides


Ten in 1 function: 

1) Detox

2) Decompose Fat

3) Whitening

4) Slimming

5) Anti-aging

6) Anti-inflammatory

7) Antibacterial

8) Purify blood

9) Health care

10) Activation of cells


Consumption method: 

✔️Best to be consumed before sleep

✔️2 litres of water have to be drank the next day after consumption, this improves the benefits 

✔️Taste is better when chilled 


Content: 16 sachets / box

Tremella-DX+ 日本排毒酵素 Japan Enzyme Nite Perfect Body Figure Drink