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ESES【Pearl Mask】is an original creation that infuses pearl extract, 4 times of yeast content and also formulated researched protein.

🌺 Clarify oily skin
🌺 Hydrate skin cells
🌺 Reduce the appearance of fine lines
🌺 Acne repair
🌺 Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
🌺 Effective blemish reduction
🌺 Skin whitening
🌺 Improves metabolism


❄ ESES 珍珠面膜是一款可以每天敷的珍珠面膜 , 而且全身都可以使用(如 : 腋下,膝盖,背后发炎长痘痘)

成分 : 含有原生益菌,珍珠提取物,乳清蛋白,高达4倍酵母菌,多种维生素,光果等。

🌺平衡油脂   🌺深层锁水   
🌺减少细纹   🌺祛痘修复
🌺消炎抗敏   🌺有效淡斑
🌺提亮美白   🌺足进新城代谢

Pearl Mask