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ESES High Quality Collagen Silk Mask

🔹Use 1 piece 20 normal mask
🔹Made of genuine high quality silk
🔹Top quality ingredients and collagen-enriched essence!

✔ Whitening Effect Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines,
✔ Pigmentation
✔ Tightens open pores
Lifting &
✔ Firming Effect
Aids in skin renewal process

🔹Complete with your own toner. Use twice a week for best result‼

1 box-6 packs
High Quality Moisturizing Silk Mask

Main ingredients: Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Collagen


❶ 功效持久的保湿修复提亮能力
❷ 自然抗皱,促进胶原蛋白的分泌
❸ 强效增白
❹ 抗UV作用
❺ 抗发炎、痘疱能力


3 boxes = $63

Collagen Silk Mask